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         P750003  P750303                                                     SURGEONS CAPS

EXAM CAPES                                                                    Constructed of a non-woven and absorbent material with spunbounded
                                                                              polypropylene top for comfort and breathability. Traditional tie-on style.
Feature soft strong Tissue/Poly Tissue construction that also provides a      Fluid resistant. Latex-free.
moisture barrier. Available in two color choices. 3 ply tissue option offers  P701030 Blue, 100/bx
comfort and maximum absorbency.

P750003  Tissue/Poly/Tissue, 30" x 21", Blue,                                          P701010            P701015
P750013  Traditional Front/Back Opening, 100/cs
P750303  Tissue/Poly/Tissue, 30" x 21", White,
         Traditional Front/Back Opening, 100/cs
         3-Ply Tissue, 30" x 21", White,                                      BOUFFANT CAPS
         Traditional Front/Back Opening, 100/cs
                                                                              Manufactured of spunbonded polypropylene. Lightweight, cool, comfortable
                                                                              material with a soft elastic headband. Latex-free.

                                                                              P701010  21" White, 100/bx
                                                                              P701015  21" Blue, 100/bx
                                                                              P701020  24" White, 100/bx
                                                                              P701025  24" Blue, 100/bx

         P750333  P750033                                                              P703010            P703015

Exam Gowns are made of superior Tissue/Poly/Tissue construction
providing strength as well as a moisture barrier. Two color choices are
available. 3 ply tissue option offers comfort and maximum absorbency.

P750023  Tissue/Poly/Tissue, 30" x 42" , White,                                        P703020            P703025
P750033  Traditional Front/Back Opening, 50/cs
P750333  Tissue/Poly/Tissue, 30" x 42", Blue,                                 FACE MASKS
         Traditional Front/Back Opening, 50/cs
         3-Ply Tissue, 30" x 42", White,                                      Masks are cool and comfortable and feature soft stretch earloops or sewn
         Traditional Front/Back Opening, 50/cs                                ties for a secure fit. They are highly breathable and have roomy, pleated
                                                                              facial pockets. Our masks provide superior comfort over extended periods
                                                                              of time. Latex-free.

                                                                              P703010  Cone/ Dust, Blue, 50/bx
                                                                              P703015  Surgical, Tie-on, Blue, 50/bx
                                                                              P703020  Procedure, Earloop, Blue, 50/bx
                                                                              P703025  Procedure, Earloop with Shield, Anti-Fog, Blue, 25/bx


All purpose towels are available in 3 ply tissue or 2 ply tissue with poly
backing to prevent moisture penetration.
P752023 2-Ply, Tissue/Poly, 13" x 18", White, 500/cs
P753023 3-Ply, Tissue, 13" x 18", White, 500/cs

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